Advanced Bench Press Course

Duration 12 h 4 m 51 s


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Advanced Bench Press Course

About Course

Learn the secrets of heavy bench pressing!


Find out what methods I use to get my clients past 200kg bench press and apply them to increase your own 1 rep max!


The course covers the essential information that is necessary to build a big bench press and help you get past your strength plateaus.  By enrolling, you will learn all the advanced techniques I use with my athletes and find out how to apply them into your own routine so you can obliterate your weaknesses and become a strength god.

Course content

videoIntroduction1 m 42 s Start
videoMaximum Strength1 m 48 s Start
videoBase Strength3 m 12 s Start
videoPower2 m 46 s Start
videoHypertrophy1 m 47 s Start
videoStrength Endurance1 m 30 s Start
videoWork Capacity1 m 45 s Start
videoOther Training Parameters2 m 11 s Start
videoIntroduction to Periodisation1 m 25 s Start
videoLinear Periodisation1 m 15 s Start
videoBlock Periodisation1 m 40 s Start
videoUndulating Periodisation2 m 47 s Start
videoConcurrent Periodisation3 m 1 s Start
videoPeriodisation Summary4 m 56 s Start
videoProgression Types10 m 48 s Start
videoMain Exercises5 m 12 s Start
videoAccessory Exercises14 m 51 s Start
videoTraining Structure14 m 4 s Start
videoMain Bench Day8 m 52 s Start
videoSupport Bench Day12 m 46 s Start
videoLong Term Programming24 m 12 s Start
videoMain Bench Day In Detail39 m 49 s Start
videoExample Base-Building Routine50 s Start
videoExample Peaking Routine25 s Start
videoExample Expert Peaking Routine (for fast-twitch dominant athletes)43 s Start
videoExample Support Day45 s Start
videoTechnical Analysis31 m 8 s Start
videoBench Pressing Technique1 h 27 s Start
videoWhat Are Variation Exercises?3 m 30 s Start
videoBench Variation Exercises1 h 6 m 6 s Start
videoVariation Exercises Cheat Sheet1 m Start
videoWhat Are Accessory Exercises10 m 47 s Start
videoPull Accessories41 m 21 s Start
videoPull Accessories Cheat Sheet53 s Start
videoShoulders Accessories16 m 8 s Start
videoShoulders Accessories Cheat Sheet21 s Start
videoChest Accessories29 m 38 s Start
videoChest Accessories Cheat Sheet25 s Start
videoArms Accessories38 m 32 s Start
videoArms Accessories Cheat Sheet2 m 48 s Start
videoSpecial Techniques7 m 54 s Start
videoSuper Sets and Alternating Sets7 m 14 s Start
videoGiant Sets7 m 43 s Start
videoDeath Sets6 m 43 s Start
videoThe AMSAP Method4 m 38 s Start
videoPre-Exhaustion Cluster Sets2 m 56 s Start
videoCluster Sets8 m 41 s Start
videoDrop Sets and Rest-Pause Drop Sets1 m 56 s Start
videoRest-Pause AMRAP4 m 10 s Start
videoUnilateral Multiple Muscular Failure4 m 6 s Start
videoMuscle Fibre Realignment6 m 18 s Start
videoBONUS: Prehab Tips20 m 23 s Start
videoBONUS: Rehab Tips1 h 4 m 12 s Start
videoBONUS: How to Program for Optimal Performance59 m 25 s Start
videoBONUS: Positions of Flexion50 m 26 s Start
video"Explode Your Bench Press in 8-Weeks!" Free E-Book Start
video"Bench B.I.G." Free E-Book Start
videoProfessional Bench Press Templates Start

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Advanced Bench Press Course

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Daniel Domaradzki

Daniel Domaradzki

Course Instructor